My art has become a visual diary of my life

Drawing and creating has become a way for me to focus more on what matters in my life. My favorite place to draw is a quiet spot outside – preferably in a hammock – where drawing becomes meditative and I am happy and relaxed for hours. I incorporate a lot of the nature and world around me into my work and my art has become a visual diary of my life. I pour a lifetime of memories into my designs. I love the small details – in nature and in life – and use this as inspiration for my lush scenes and patterns. I want to create art that has meaning, that people want to send and love receiving, and I strive to only put into the world what I love.


My illustrations

are hand drawn & hand lettered, layered with watercolor, colored digitally with patterns, made laboriously with love.

Please contact me with any questions or special projects.
I’d love to work with you.
~ Cindy

[ Photo by Natalie Artemyeff ]



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