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During this global pandemic, I tried to keep drawing to keep my spirits up and stay motivated to move forward. My 3.5-year-old daughter, my new coworker, kept asking me if she can color the cat or the grass when I was drawing, so I told her I would print her a nice copy when I was finished. It was so amazing to see her coloring what I had drawn. She was asking me about colors and it was interesting to see what she liked to color first – which were the teeny tiny circles on the outside. I made adjustments to make most things color-able.

I’m providing this for free to offer a small comfort for those families and friends in their homes. I hope you find some enjoyment in this activity and create some happy memories during some difficult times. I would love to hear your feedback and hopefully make a coloring book in the future.


Please note: Coloring pages are for personal use only. Not for commercial sale (colored or uncolored). © Cynla

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